IPM Pet Application Form

We request the landlord's permission to keep a pet, as detailed below on the premises:

 I have read and comply to the terms and conditions below.

Terms and conditions

  • To keep the yard clean and free from animal droppings
  • That, in the event of any fleas being present as a result of the animal, we will arrange for flea fumigation of the property prior to vacating the premises
  • We will not allow the animal inside the house without prior permission
  • We will repair any damage to the premises caused by the animal
  • Other than the pet listed above and approved by the owner, we will not keep any other animals of any kind on the rental premises, (even on a short term or temporary basis), including dogs, cats, birds or any other animals
  • We agree not to leave food or water for the pet outside the premises where it may attract other animals and /or insects/pests
  • We agree to abide by local bylaws for all licensing and health requirements regarding pets, including vaccinations
  • The pet shall not be a nuisance or disturbance to neighbours. 
  • If there is any signs of fleas inside the property we agree to contact IPM to organise fumigation immediately.
  • We will take steps to rectify complaints made by neighbours or other tenants
  • If a pet is allowed inside the property as authorised by the owner then in lieu of this the carpets must be cleaned when the property is vacated by the tenant

I/we understand that failure to comply with these terms shall give the owner the right to revoke permission to keep the pet, and is grounds for further action.